‘’Every single Jew deserves to understand their heritage and make a difference to the Jewish people.’’

Rabbi Noah Weinberg

Founder of Aish


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The Staff Text

‘Best thing about Aish? Hands down the Rabbis!’

Our staff do everything they can to facilitate each student's growth. With a range of backgrounds, specialties and personalities so broad and diverse, ‘personal guidance’ takes on a whole new meaning.

Students treasure their relationships with the rabbis and continue to be in close contact even years after they’ve moved on from Aish.

The Staff
natan loyfman

‘’Bottom line is that the rabbis are so exceptional and available, that I can delve into whatever is right for me at the moment to focus on, and that's very rare. The 1-on-1 with a rabbi is unheard of, and crucial.’’

- Natan Loyfman

joey ginzburg

‘’I enjoy how all the rabbis are so warm and full of knowledge.’’

- Joey Ginzburg

alex scharg

‘’ We have access to speak to Rav Berkovits every day - other people fly in from all over the world to queue up and speak to him for a few minutes!’’

- Alex Scharg


Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits Our Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits is one of the most sought-after English-speaking Torah authorities in the world today.

Rabbi Berkovits is involved with everything that Aish does both on a global scale, and also here in the Yeshiva, where he teaches introductory and advanced classes and gives personal guidance to all students.


The campus

Located in the Old City of Jerusalem and overlooking the Western Wall, the Aish campus is right at the point where the Jewish People’s past, present, and future meet. As some of the highest buildings in the Old City, the Aish dorm and campus buildings feature breathtaking views.


The city center and shopping district, filled with restaurants, stores, and cultural centers, is just a short 12-minute walk away.

Aish facilities feature comfortable dorms and an on-site gym, all within a few minutes walking distance from the main Aish building.


Delicious catered meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner will keep your body nourished while you exercise your mind.

Our Alumni

Aish alumni are succeeding professionally, personally, and as leaders in the greater Jewish world. Meet a few of them here.

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